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Carley Harrison is listed in London's Top Ten Facialists in the Evening Standard 24, July 2007 by Alice Holland (Beauty Editor).

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"Carley is the beauty world's best kept secret. With over a decade in the industry and trained at the prestigious Stellenbosch Academy in South Africa, Harrison specialises in holistic skin care. Once you've entered her space, you'll be reluctant to leave. Her clients demand results and value privacy.

Carley uses Environ developed by renowned South African plastic surgeon and dermatologist Des Fernandes, it bridges the gap between modern medical science and beauty therapy.

Harrison's scrupulous attention to clients' individual skin types is what makes her facials so in demand. Her client list is confidential; word of mouth has kept her diary full for years."

Top Tip:

"I advise clients on a holistic approach to healthy skin by supplementing treatments with vitamins, minerals and Omegas 3,6 and 9. Also, sunscreen is a daily essential - a suntan is a scar for life!"

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