Bespoke Facials

Carley's facial treatments are customised according to your specific skin type and condition.

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“Seasonal and emotional factors can play havoc with our skin and therefore treatments need to be personalised accordingly. I look at the individual as a whole and as we examine skincare, diet and lifestyle I encourage making any possible changes...

The basis for my facials is to cleanse, purify and desensitize, as well as encourage the deeper penetration of vitamins into the skin with the aid of galvanic current and sonophoresis (sound waves).

Treating the individual holistically assists in the rejuvenation of not only skin, but body, mind and spirit!”

Carley's signature oil blend containing Moroccan Rose and Passion Flower is integral to the pampering of her treatments and is available for clients to enjoy at home as part of their skin care regime.

Deep and thorough massage techniques encourage blood and lymph flow as well as relaxation and a sense of well being on departure.

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